Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is just like using bookmarks on your browser, except for three main differences:

  1. You keep order of your bookmarks by assigning ‘tags’ to each entry. This is also known as metadata. You can then find entries either by date or by searching for tags.
  2. The bookmarks are all hosted live on the web (although you can make your bookmarks private if you wish). This means that you can access them at whichever workstation, laptop, netbook you are working on.
  3. They are social. This means that you can create a network of other people on the site, and share bookamrks with them, and the iwder community. It also means that you can browse all sorts of other people’s bookmarks for information you want by searching their tags.

This tool can be extremely useful for research, and keeping snippets of information both for blogging later, and for writing essays.

The main example of this is Delicious, but Diigo is also used in a similar way, although Diigo allows you annotate web pages, and add post its as well as bookmarking them.

And the top 10 ways to use Delicious

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